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  • Helps you to anticipate future cash shortages 
  • Allows you to take advantage of future opportunities
  • Provides information to support loan applications 
  • Helps you to control spending
  • Gives you peace of mind

A financial plan is a document that details the current financial circumstances of a business and its future goals. The plan sets out how those goals are going to be achieved and within what timescales.


If you intend to apply for funding, a bank or other lender will most likely insist on seeing your financial plan.

A financial plan can give you a clear picture of your goals, how you are going to achieve them and in what timescales. It can also identify any risks.

Financial Modelling is a way of forecasting the financial impact on a business of certain decisions and actions.

Scenario planning considers the different outcomes that can result from a range of decisions and actions. 

A five year forecast of your monthly bank balance

A five year forecast of income, gross profit, overheads and net profit

A five year forecast of your financial position

A highlighting of risks, eg low bank balance, low margins

A graphical representation of your key financials

A single input sheet

Your key drivers clearly set out

The results of your inputs shown instantly (within the input sheet)

Ability to try out different scenarios

Assumptions clearly shown

Key Financial Statements summarised

Easy to present to potential funders




You can get the free Flipside Cash Flow Forecasting app from:

We charge between £1,200 and £2,250.

Charges depend on the complexity of a business.

VAT is not chargeable, as Flipside is not registered for VAT.

We will listen and try to give you guidance.

We will not try to provide you with something that you do not need.

Using the Modules and Apps

Send a list of the email address of each learner doing the module to


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  • Click Register

They will then be able to start the module

Watch the demo video

Key points

  • Register for Free, using your email address and creating a password
  • 5 boxes – Income, Debts, Savings, Basics and Choices
  • Select tiles for each item of income and expenditure
  • In each tile, enter amount and number of times per year
  • Aim to balance your budget for the year ahead, so Income = Expenditure

Watch the demo video

Key points

  • Register for Free, using your email address and creating a password
  • 4 bands – Income, Credit Card Payments, Basics and Choices
  • 2 accounts – Bank and Credit Card
  • Select icons for each item of receipt and payment
  • Add icons to applicable days of the Forecast
  • Aim to stay cash-positive and keep within your credit card limit


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