Cash Flow Forecasting | 5/4/2022

Cash Forecasting for Students

Avoid the stress - keep ahead by forecasting your cash requirements.

Budgeting | 29/3/2022

A New Budget Year?

Now is a good time to set personal targets for the next 12 months.

Budgeting | 15/3/2022

Tracking Financial Progress

A simple way to track your current financial position.

Wealth | 12/3/2022

10 Ways to Create Wealth from Scratch

Some well-presented options for those seeking ideas to increase their wealth

Banking | 1/3/2022

Awareness of Online Banking and Card Fraud

Everyone with an online bank account needs to be alert to the increased activity of fraudsters.

Financial Confidence | 16/2/2022

At what age should a person know the basics about finance?

By what age should a person have the confidence to state that they are able to manage money well, prepare a budget, understand how a bank account works and build a strong credit score?

Employment | 1/2/2022


For those living in West Yorkshire and looking to secure a job or start a business, here is a great opportunity.

Money Saving | 21/1/2022

Free Money Saving Tips

Academy of Life Planning provide lots of useful free content and resources via blogs, e-mail, social media and the "Born to Be FREE" Facebook Page.

Budgeting | 22/10/2021

Budgeting at a Football Club

How budgeting can help a football club: plan, motivate, control costs, achieve profit targets and stay solvent.

Home | 1/10/2021

Reducing home energy bills

As energy bills increase from today, I’ve been thinking of ways to reduce my home energy consumption.

Banking | 27/9/2021

Why Under-18s should have a Prepaid Debit Card

You may not agree with every decision your children make, but as long as they're not purchasing dubious products, like cigarettes and alcohol, give them some leeway. The last thing you want is for them to develop a financial phobia!

Budgeting | 8/9/2021

How do we engage Young People in Budgeting?

Students and young adults may not always be aware of the financial impact of decisions made by their parents and others close to them. But those decisions affect their lives.

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